Program for creation of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation

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The aim of the Center's program is social-psychological and mental rehabilitation of Ukrainian citizens of all age groups and military personnel, in the conditions of a social-rehabilitation center. The Center for Psychological Rehabilitation will be a new online platform that will allow us to expand our services and offer affordable psychological rehabilitation to more people who need it. Hope will be given to those people who were in despair. This will allow them to follow their desires and set goals for the future, rather than allowing illness to prevent them from realizing their potential. Let's make a healthy nation together! Your charitable contribution will help make this possible!

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Now in Ukraine is going on a real war, no one was ready for it and everyone is experiencing this period differently, but the majority may have post-traumatic stress syndrome. In Ukraine, at the end of the military conflict, according to doctors, approximately 60% of the population will have PTSD, but of these, 30-40% will not be able to cope with this problem on their own, for example, people who have experienced severe stress (death of a loved one, injuries of varying severity, contusions). Therefore, our foundation aims to create a Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation to help people solve their psychological problems. We want to raise $ 4 million to create such a center for 200 people. This program takes into account the construction of the complex, the purchase of necessary equipment and the involvement of specialists to help the victims.

Statistical data show that every year more and more people are exposed to stress and experiences that contribute to psychological and mental health disorders. People living in countries with a difficult economic or political situation are the most vulnerable to these violations. For example, there is now a full-scale war in Ukraine, no one was prepared for this and everyone experiences this period differently, but most may have post-traumatic stress syndrome. Also, before that, people all over the world experienced the terrible viral disease COVID-19, which did not completely disappear from our lives. A significant increase in mental illness is observed in countries where the indicators of COVID-19 have been at a high level for a long time and the authorities have imposed strict restrictions. The doctors' conclusions should be a wake-up call for countries and encourage them to pay more attention to the issue of mental health of the population.

The Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation it is an opportunity to provide an affordable alternative to those who need support but cannot afford more traditional methods. Today, as experts of the medical organization note, more and more people seek to receive online consultations, which means that for these purposes it is necessary to urgently develop and implement effective and accessible digital tools.