Forest revitalization program

Annual deforestation is a growing problem with critical consequences for humanity. According to the UN, over the past three decades, the rate of deforestation has slowed, but since 1990, about 420 million hectares of forest have been lost.
We have to make a lot of efforts to ensure that our descendants will be able to enjoy the ecosystem services that forests provide. This is due to the fact that the original forest consists of trees of different ages, and it is a perfect habitat for animals. Artificially grown forests are trees of almost the same age, planted in even rows, often belonging to the same species. Therefore, the environment loses diversity and suitable conditions for the evolution of animals and the birth of living organisms. Trees are proof that nature has an extraordinary power, thanks to which tall and powerful plants grow from a small seed.
In the USA and Western Europe, volunteer movements to support forests have developed, which operate under the auspices of governments and deal with specific forest areas. There are also organizations involved in forest restoration in Ukraine. But we understand that in addition to illegal deforestation, natural disasters and hostilities that take place in the country destroy forests.
Our program is aimed at attracting specialists in the field of crop production and forestry to start forest regeneration. In order to reproduce forests, it is necessary to conduct a number of studies: the soil, the surface layer of the soil, determine the typical plants of the area and select autochthonous ones, determine the appropriate climatic period. Then we will get healthy forests that will maintain the natural state of the biosphere and become a natural buffer against zoonotic diseases and new pandemics.