Helping animals program

War is very hard not only for people, but also for animals. Today, many animals remain in the war zone and in temporarily occupied territories: in shelters, zoos, at train stations, on the streets, locked up in apartments. Our kindness and care can save them.

Fundraising is needed for:

  • point assistance to shelters and rehabilitation centers;

  • purchase and delivery of fodder, water, fuel and generators for heating;

  • purchase of fodder and medicines;

  • promotion of animal adoption;

  • organization of evacuation of animals.

Volunteers also use items needed by animal shelters:

  • feed or litter for pets;

  • newspapers that they can shred into animal bedding;

  • towels and blankets and all pet care needs;

  • fabric scraps like t-shirts or even craft scraps. They can be used to make soft couches or toys for animals;

  • heaters for sick/wounded animals;

  • carriers for pets, leashes, collars, bowls that have been carefully used;

  • scrubs for animal care staff;

  • household items such as bleach, paper towels, napkins, ziplock bags, disinfectant wipes, powdered laundry detergent, trash bags, mops, brooms, sponges.

Our little friends are in great need of support in such difficult times, because most of them are left in the open without owners and food. Remember that even the smallest help is important!