The war in Ukraine fundamentally undermines security for the population and creates stress, the consequences of which can be dangerous for the psychological health of adults and children. One such danger is PTSD, a post-traumatic stress disorder that occurs as a result of a traumatic experience. But this disorder is treatable, and society should not suffer from it. Therefore, our foundation created a program to create The Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation for military personnel and citizens who suffered PTSD as a result of the war.

Today we are witnessing terrible events in Ukraine, namely the invasion of Russia and the conduct of military operations on the territory of Ukraine. Our foundation and partners use all possible resources to help refugees and victims of Russian aggression. Help and support the Ukrainian people, who stand in defense not only of their country, but also of the entire Western world.


Jointly with the Experimental Plant of the Kyiv Institute of Chemistry of High Molecular Weight Compounds of The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine we have a project to collect funds for a universal waste disposer, which will turn all types of garbage into environmentally friendly energy carriers.
Universal disposers are the latest scientific and technical developments for full control of solid household waste disposal processes, which will ensure environmental safety during recycling.

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Volunteering is a socially oriented, motivated and sustainable activity to support peace and welfare in society. We always support activity, innovation and a creative approach to project implementation. Become a member of our team and choose the programs you like, and we will help you realize your potential.

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Deforestation is an ecological disaster for the entire planet. In many countries of the world, there is a lack of institutions and people who can control the process of deforestation. Most often, felling of trees is carried out illegally, which we can observe today on the territory of Ukraine. Mass deforestation occurs in most regions of Ukraine, but the Carpathian forests suffer the most.

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The program for the purchase of bandages for the military. The Israeli bandage and occlusive dressing are essential items that are actively used in medicine and emergency first aid. These bandages are easy and safe to use, contribute to the rapid elimination of bleeding in case of gunshot or mechanical injuries. Bandages are sterilized by gamma radiation, which minimizes the risk of blood infection and does not require additional disinfection. These items are very necessary for the Ukrainian army, which is pressed every day with danger and injuries.

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Helping animals

Every year on October 4, the world celebrates Animal Day, which is also called World Animal Protection Day. The holiday was founded in 1931 at the International Congress to draw people's attention to animal problems. Today, domestic and wild animals are in a difficult situation on the territory of Ukraine due to military events and need our help.