The program of repair, reconstruction of housing and infrastructure in Ukraine

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine, 800,000 displaced people need housing. Most of the houses are completely destroyed or unfit for habitation: smells of smoke, remains of burning after the fire, broken windows, doors, walls. It is impossible for people to return to their homes, they need temporary housing or repair of an apartment or house.

Our project is aimed at solving housing problems, which will help stabilize the economy of Ukraine. The collection of funds is aimed at the purchase of the necessary construction materials for the construction of new houses for Ukrainians, as well as the placement of modular settlements. It is also possible to help with the collection and delivery of building materials for the restoration and construction of housing.

In Ukraine, the occupiers destroyed and damaged about 35-40 million square meters of housing. This is a huge number, and the Ukrainian people really need support. Therefore, the urgent problems that need to be solved as soon as possible are housing, transport and infrastructure, which are key factors that are extremely important for any country.

Humanitarian aid

The wars unleashed by Russia in Ukraine have created a humanitarian crisis, but these people are not giving up and continue to fight for their freedom! The destruction by Putin's regime of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure and critical infrastructure and the approaching winter adds to all of these problems. Our foundation and our volunteers are appealing to all concerned to join this program of support for the Ukrainian people. This program includes the purchase of medicines, personal care items, warm clothes, sleeping bags, long term food, instant food, electrical generators and related items that can help Ukrainians cope with these humanitarian problems. We have also organized a warehouse in Helm, Poland, to receive humanitarian goods. We are asking all people, who are not indifferent, to respond to our appeal. Please use the donation button under this text to make a donation. To send humanitarian cargo, please contact us in advance using the contacts listed on our website and in social networks.

Support Ukrainian families to get housing:
modular houses

According to UN statistics, as a result of military operations, more than 11 million Ukrainians left Ukraine. European countries and countries of other continents have greatly helped Ukrainian refugees who were forced to leave their homes in search of safety. But most of the people who were left without their own housing are in the territory of Ukraine and need support.

That is why Ukraine has launched projects to build modular settlements for displaced people, which is an alternative for all those who are left without their own housing. Modular homes are quickly transported and easily assembled and are one of the options for living in any season of the year. In cold seasons, you can use different heating systems (heat pumps, modular heaters), which keep heat well, considering that the area of modular houses is small.

Our foundation works to provide all those left without a home with new housing with comfortable and safe living conditions. With the support of partners, fundraising has been started for the purchase and supply of modular houses for displaced persons and people who want to return to Ukraine, but have lost their housing.

For every home, it is protection and comfort. Help Ukrainian families find peace and strength!

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Assistance to departments of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery

In the context of the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, our foundation with the support of partners provides the necessary humanitarian assistance to all people, regardless of age, and we help everyone, without exception, who find themselves in a difficult situation at the present time.

Assistance from the Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery remains an urgent issue. Now it’s the place where everyone can to get more help and care. Today, children and adults need life-saving medicines and replenishment of the modern arsenal of medical equipment.

We support international standards of treatment and modern technologies of a high level of medical care. Currently, departments of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery are in dire need of cardiac portable ultrasound devices, model – PHILIPS CX50 xMATRIX.

1. Portable ultrasound device of expert class with a set of sector sensors for cardiac examinations of children and adults (S8-3; S5-1; S4-2;S12-4; S7-3t; X7-2t; L12-5 5)

2. A set of sensors: S8-3; S5-1; S4-2;S12-4; S7-3t; X7-2t; L12-5 50.

3. Gore-Tex Preclude pericardial membrane

Do not forget that children from all over Ukraine need treatment, so the purchase of this device is necessary for all regions of the country. We strive to provide high-quality and modern medical equipment, because the hospital is not a place for children! Let's save children from suffering!

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