A New Way to Help Stop Climate Change: How Our Fund Helps Develop Cleaner Ways to Remove CO₂

Today’s businesses need to understand the economic and operational implications of a changing and increasingly stringent regulatory environment. As a result, they are turning to new forms of capital to support innovation. Green capital can provide financial support for projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience against climate change threats. For example, today the Charity and Support Fund “Helping war victims” are part of Stripe Climate under the carbon removal program: https://climate.stripe.com/Advet7. They ask to support their projects with a donation, of which 1.5% of the fund's proceeds goes to carbon removal. This fund wants future generations to live on an environmentally friendly planet.

Investment in Renewable Energy Technologies

Our fund focuses on investments in early-stage, high-potential technologies for integrating renewables into electricity networks and grids. We believe investing in green technologies can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve energy security, and strengthen resilience against climate change threats.

Carbon Capture and Storage Research

Carbon capture and storage (CCC) is a way to cleanly remove CO₂ from the air and safely store it. Many large emitters, including fossil-fuel plants and power generating units, may emit CO₂. With CCC, the CO₂ is collected, dissolved in a liquid, and then injected into oil or gas fields that are already producing fossil fuels, such as natural gas. CCS is an important solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As emissions from coal-fired power plants and other fossil-fueled facilities increase, and as populations grow, the amount of CO₂ put into the atmosphere will increase as well. CCS could help address concerns about rising emissions by capturing the CO₂ and safely storing it until it can be permanently disposed of.

Low-Carbon Agriculture Solutions

Agriculture is responsible for nearly half of CO₂ emissions, and areas that produce food are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Reducing the amount of CO₂ released by farms can reduce the amount of CO₂ in the atmosphere. This is an area where our investment in sustainable solutions has the potential to make a significant positive impact. Low-carbon farming practices can have a significant impact on reducing CO₂ emissions. These practices, such as growing high-yield crops using less fertilizer, can help reduce CO₂ emissions while also increasing food production.

Corporate Reputation and Risk Management

Companies that use green technologies are often at the forefront of innovative solutions to environmental challenges. This means they can receive the reputational credit for these advances and receive the financial rewards that come with high-quality goods and services. Our investments in technologies that support green business practices can also help reduce risk from environmental damage. By investing in companies that can demonstrate they are using green technologies, we can help reduce the risk of business disruption caused by climate change.


By a majority of votes, greenhouse gasses were put at the forefront of the causes of climate change, anthropogenic origin and the problem of the greenhouse effect from the category of scientific ones began to move into the political and economic relations of the countries of the world community. But all together we can change this terrible problem for all humanity. For this you can support projects of the Charity and Support Fund “Helping war victims”. This fund helps Ukraine not only desade problems which came with war, but also they help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilience against climate change.