How save animals during the war in Ukraine

We are responsible for those we have tamed. During the war, not only people suffered, but also animals. Some people who have been forced to flee their native places have left their pets behind with the hope of returning to them one day. Someone left their homes without taking anything with them except their cats and dogs. And those who remained behind did so in bomb shelters along with their beloved pets.

Many animals remain in the war zone and in temporarily occupied territories: in shelters, zoos, at train stations, on the streets, locked in apartments - which can be a sentence for them. Animals from Ukraine are ready to accept European shelters, but there are difficulties with evacuation. Currently, Ukrainian activists are looking for and sending food to volunteers and shelters, helping to transport animals (including wild ones), freeing pets from confined spaces. Risking their lives, without waiting for recognition and rewards, activists affirm humanity by helping animals in critical situations.

How to be useful if you don't have animals?

First of all, become a volunteer and help transport animals, find shelter for them, provide supplies of feed and medicine. To help organizations, volunteers or shelters with funds, for example, the foundation Charity and Support Fund “Helping war victims” has a separate project that describes the basic needs of animals that have entered shelters or live in the territory of hostilities.

Don't forget about another animals

For zoos, war is an incredibly difficult test: animals suffer due to lack of food, and exotic animals even freeze. Animals slowly die without food, heat, terrified by explosions and gunshots. Due to the temporary occupation and Russian shelling, large zoos, home to hundreds of unique animals, were on the verge of survival. Thanks to caring Ukrainians who collect funds for food for animals, the situation is somewhat better, but it is not enough.

Recommendations on how to care for pets during the war?

1. Find a safe place for your pets to stay. 2. Make sure your animals have ID tags on them at all times and that every animal transport container has a label with contact information. 3. Make sure the animal drinks water. 4. Offer her a bowl of water from time to time. . Do not panic, try to remain calm, because animals feel the human condition and may start to worry too. 6. Have your pet's favorite toys and treats with you.


Animals lose their families due to hostilities, get lost during evacuations, get scared by explosions and run away from their owners. However, many Ukrainians save their pets, as well as the homeless, even under fire. We urge you not to leave animals behind! Humanity and kindness distinguish us from our enemies!