Iron Curtain – 2

Do Russians have a moral right to cross borders with Europe and travel to the countries of the free world if they themselves do not respect the borders of sovereign states? This is not a rhetorical question, since it is primarily about the collective responsibility of Russians who support the Putin regime. Russian tourists, businessmen and students should be denied the right to travel in the EU and G-7 countries, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President of Ukraine. It's hard to disagree with such a statement.

The occupying country, in which the majority of the population has been swimming in the ocean of Kremlin lies and unbridled propaganda for the second decade, supported the bloody, imperialist war against Ukraine and at the same time hates not only Ukrainians, but the entire Western world. Now Russians are outraged that many Western countries, including the United States, do not issue visas to Russian citizens or issue them with a long delay, and this applies not only to tourist visas, but also to diplomatic ones.

Russia asked the US for 56 visas so that Foreign Minister Lavrov and his delegation travel to New York for the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly on September 20, but the Russian representative to the UN is indignant because they still have not received a single visa. Sanctioned Russian oligarchs and officials who, along with their families, are accustomed to a luxurious life in Western countries, do not receive visas.

This became a serious challenge for the Kremlin mafia, which was not going to follow the path of self-isolation. This calculation was the opposite – to corrupt European officials and politicians, to make all the leading EU countries dependent on the Kremlin. Also, to shake the Europeans with gas blackmail up to the economic crisis and achieve the desired that the West stop helping Ukraine and allow Putin to destroy Ukraine as an independent state, while seizing its territories, and later restoring the Russian Empire within the borders of the USSR.

Gas blackmail is already yielding results, gas prices have risen several times compared to 2021, prices for consumer goods have naturally risen, and ordinary Europeans far from politics feel that life has become quite expensive and this has affected their wallets. In Prague and Paris, people go to protests, which are apparently organized by agents of influence of the Kremlin to put pressure on local authorities and to achieve their political pro-Russian goals. Winter is ahead and Putin's calculation is obvious: to cause discontent and chaos in Europe with gas blackmail, so that the population of Europe will falter, and politicians will refuse sanctions against the Putin regime. The Kremlin has already given the Europeans an ultimatum: if you want gas, then give up sanctions.

Putin absolutely does not care about compliance with contracts, he is interested in the result, which means that at any cost put the squeeze on Europe and win. Those Europeans who come out to such protests have apparently already forgotten, and the younger generation does not even know how Russian tanks dispersed demonstrations for freedom and independence in the Czech Republic and Hungary in the last century.

Did the value of freedom and democracy become a thing of the past with the collapse of the USSR and the entire socialist camp, or does it still remain the dominant value for European civilization?

The Russian dictator unwittingly arranged a test for the Europeans, where personal egoism and consumer psychology must yield or prevail over the values of freedom, justice and democracy. I and millions of citizens of Ukraine really want to believe that Europe will stand and not back down before the Kremlin blackmailer, because the Ukrainians themselves did not back down, giving their lives for democracy and freedom, and not for cheap gasoline or cheap gas, which Putin blackmails. Many Germans apparently also already forgot about the Berlin Wall separating East Germany from West. But after all, only 30 years have passed since the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the unification of Germany.

The threat of a new totalitarianism looming from Russia is extremely high as never before, and this must be conveyed to ordinary people in Europe. After all, after the capture of Ukraine, Putin would not stop and the Russian troops would go on to seize other European countries – Moldova, Lithuania, etc. Just the other day, Lavrov, speaking at the Knowledge marathon, said that Russia is ready to “protect” the Russian-speaking citizens of Moldova, hinting that Moldova is next after Ukraine and recommended that Moldova stop playing Western geopolitical games. The problem is not only in the Kremlin mafia, which is eager for revenge for the collapse of the USSR, but also in the Russians themselves. If the citizens of Russia support war and terror against the peaceful Ukrainian population and hate Europe, then they should not be able to use Europe as a platform for entertainment and tourism.

Let them sit behind the iron curtain so that they again want freedom as the highest value and influence their power, abandoning the Nazi and imperial ideology of the “Russian World”. At this stage, restrictions apply only to Russian citizens who are on the sanctions list, and at the same time, out of 25 Schengen countries that issued visas to Russians before the war, 10 countries stopped issuing visas with rare exceptions. There is a need to informationally and physically close and protect this crazy country from the civilized and free world, since the Russian population, poisoned by Putin's imperial propaganda, craves blood and victories, and the degree of hatred for Europe and the United States has long reached its climax. A decisive battle begins between the past and the future, between slavery and freedom, and not only the fate of Ukraine, but the fate of all of Europe is at stake. It is impossible to allow Russia's revenge for the collapse of the USSR, because all this has already happened in history when Hitler wanted Germany's revenge after losing the First World War. We all know perfectly well how it all ended. When marches with Russian flags are held in the center of Europe in defense of the Kremlin and Putin's aggression, this has nothing to do with European democracy, rather it is a challenge to Europe itself and its freedoms.

The aggressor country must be justly punished for its atrocities, and the Kremlin leadership must be put on trial in The Hague for unleashing a war and committing war crimes against humanity. For the first time, the information, political and border barrier built by Western civilization against the USSR and called the “Iron Curtain” was put into active circulation by Winston Churchill on March 5, 1946 in his Fulton speech, which, in fact, was the beginning of the “Cold War” against Stalinist system. At the same time, the “Iron Curtain”, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, was created by the USSR itself “as part of a policy of self-isolation”.

In a sense, this was a counter decision between Stalin and Churchill, since the Soviet Union at that time was both a prison of peoples and a huge Gulag, which Solzhenitsyn wrote about in his books, and open borders with the civilized world were not part of Stalin's ideological plans. The isolation of the “Evil Empire”, living in total lies and hatred for the West, nevertheless brought positive results to the West, and not to the USSR, as Stalin assumed.

In 1991, the USSR collapsed and the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as the republics of the Soviet empire, gained independence, and the desire of the peoples of the USSR to get out of a huge prison the size of one sixth of the world, isolated from the entire civilized world, played a significant role in this story of the collapse of a powerful empire. The collapse of the USSR, which is attributed to Gorbachev, actually had completely different reasons, both economic and psychological and political. His involuntary merit can be considered an indulgence of the rigid autocracy that occurred in the process of perestroika, but not in any way, not the very desire to destroy the USSR.

In any case, this first and last president of the USSR, with his reforms, pushed the communist monster with feet of clay to collapse, and the Soviet empire collapsed and died. At the same time, Gorbachev did a lot to improve relations with the West, as did the first president of Russia, Yeltsin. Russians began to travel around the world, get acquainted with different cultures, Russian businessmen settled all over Europe and it seemed that there could be no rollback to the past and Russia would become part of the civilized world. The revival of the totalitarian empire called “Russian World” began with the coming to power of dictator Putin, who nostalgically about the USSR and dreams of reviving the Russian Empire.

Unfortunately, the Western countries failed to see in time the new threat to Western civilization coming from the East. The first serious signal was the war of the Russian Federation against small but freedom-loving Georgia, which chose the European vector of development. Then there was the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Intertwined economic ties with the Russian Federation, a huge sales market and cheap energy resources clouded the minds of European politicians who completely forgot even about their own security, which allowed the Russian dictator to go all in, hoping to the inert reaction and rationalism of the West.

Putin was absolutely certain that the West would allow him to conquer Ukraine with impunity and restore the Russian empire within the 1991 borders. Europe, according to his calculation, should have chosen cheap energy resources, and not democratic values and the protection of Ukraine. But he miscalculated and made a fatal mistake, and the whole world saw the cruel grin of the “Russian world” in Bucha, Irpen and other Ukrainian cities, where heinous war crimes took place. The West has begun to realize that ruthless Russian neo-fascism has become a threat to the entire civilized world, and not just Ukraine, which is desperately defending itself against Putin's militarized horde.

After all, if you close entry to Europe not only for Russian officials and politicians, but also for ordinary Russians, you can put pressure on Putin and his entourage, and this can be done by the citizens of Russia themselves suddenly finding themselves in North Korea – 2.

Another option is the victory of Putin's agents in Europe, “gas riots”, Russian flags in the capitals of European states, etc. The scenario of the European gas and financial collapse and, most importantly, mass psychosis was written in the Kremlin and carefully prepared by Putin for more than one year. Putin's message is very clear: give me Ukraine and you will have cheap gas and economic well-being. But the calculation is losing and the scenario will not work, because the security of Europe itself is at stake. You cannot go for a single blackmail of Putin, or gas, or food, or even nuclear. It is necessary to show strength, confidence and consistency in protecting one's own interests and European values. After all, not a single Fuhrer stopped at what he had achieved and made concessions, he wanted more and more, and Western politicians are aware of this and are not going to vilely betray either Ukraine or themselves.

The betrayal of Europe would be a disaster for the entire Western civilization and would allow the Russian monster to move further West towards his dream – control over the European continent. The Iron Curtain in this situation is a must!

The maximum isolation of Russia and the maximum pressure on the Russian Fuhrer, who understands only the language of force, can become an effective means of reducing the ambitions of the dictator and his entourage. The Russians are sick precisely with ambitions and claims to greatness, absolute disrespect for international law and indifference to the war crimes of the Russian army in Ukraine and the leveling of the value of human life as such. Riots should take place in Russia, not in Europe. The Russians must finally understand and appreciate European values and, once again in a totalitarian prison, begin the fight against the dictatorial Putin regime. If not, then let them live in North Korea -2, this is their choice, because such savages have nothing to do in the free world.

Europe must understand that one should not be afraid of Putin, because fear paralyzes the will. And without the will to win, there is no victory! Europeans have a historical experience of fighting for freedom and democracy, because a cheap sausage cannot cross out this historical experience. Having once defeated slavery and gained freedom at the cost of thousands of lives and built a free democratic society in Europe, it cannot be replaced with cheap Putin's gas and allow totalitarianism to win, otherwise everything was pointless. On the other hand, erecting barriers and building walls is rather a Soviet totalitarian practice, rather than countries with democratic values, and many European politicians will consider such a ban counterproductive.

But is it possible to confuse freedom with the encouragement and impunity of the state-criminal?

In the event of a ban, what kind of reaction can a simple Russian layman have in the event of a new Iron Curtain? There can be only two reactions: 1. We were punished for the war against Ukraine; 2. We are still hated as in the USSR, and the Europeans are Russophobes. On the one hand, this will strengthen the narrative that the collective West is against the Russians, and on the other hand, it will become a punishment for Russians for imperial ambitions and war against sovereign states. Now let's take a closer look at both options. The Russians do not think that they are wrong, and due to brainwashing by the propaganda of the “Russian world”, they are sure that they are saving someone there in Ukraine. This kind of thinking is well described in Orwell's 1984 when black is white and white is black. The “collective Russians”, together with their leader, do not at all consider that the former Soviet peoples have the right to independence and are going to realize their imperial ambitions and restore the empire within the borders of the USSR.

As a psychologist, I can conclude that there is simply no chance of ruining this mental imperial code without taking any effort. The collective responsibility of the Russians must be! Let them decide in what way, on whose heads Russian rockets and shells have not yet fallen. Are there those in Russia who are against the war? Certainly there is. After the outbreak of the protest war in Russia, 15,000 people were arrested. The dictatorship suppresses anti-war actions and controls this process. But no matter how sad it is to recognize the majority of Russians for the war and the murder of Ukrainians, the world must respond with something. Sanctions, the Iron Curtain, as well as the victory of Ukraine over Russia will break the back of Russian chauvinism and make it possible to overthrow the dictator Putin, ridding Europe of Russian fascism.