Psychological Rehabilitation Center for War Victims: Supporting the Project

War is always death, and the loss of a loved one is the worst grief. According to the statistics of the healthcare organization in Ukraine, the number of people who will feel the consequences for their mental health will increase every day. Even those who have been able to endure the first months of the war will face mental exhaustion. According to our preliminary estimates, about 15 million Ukrainians will need psychological support at this time of the war, of which about 3-4 million will need medical treatment.

The importance of psychological rehabilitation

When the soul screams and hurts, you don’t need to run away from it into an illusion, you need to recognize this pain, and if you have the strength, face this pain, no matter how terrible it is, recognize it in order to move on. Of course, this process is ideally lived together with a psychotherapist or psychologist.

Training family physicians, social workers, and educators in rapid psychological support techniques, taking into account the potential impact of war on mental health, is a good idea, but not an effective one. For this case, it is better to deal with specialists who will be able to solve the patient's problem and bring it to the surface. Therefore, the Center for Psychological Rehabilitation is a future online platform where people can receive quality care.

The help of psychologists is the right approach

Why it is so important that only psychologists deal with help and rehabilitation. First of all, they understand the features of age stages and know about the individual characteristics of the male and female psyche. The psychologist has the necessary resources to help solve the problem and they have an objective view of a professional on a problem situation. They give an understanding of the capabilities of oneself and the capabilities of others, when solving a problem and see the mechanisms of the problem and ways to solve it


If a person has a headache, goes to a neurologist; if wants to be strong, goes to the gym; if person worried about emotional experiences, goes to a psychologist. The Center for Psychological Rehabilitation is the help of the future, where people can receive the right advice on any issue. Support the project to create a Center for Psychological Assistance to preserve the health of the Ukrainian nation after the war, as well as to anyone who wishes to apply with life's problems.