Where to learn philanthropy? The answer to this question cannot be obtained in books or psychologists. The profession of a philanthropist is the highest level of human tolerance, and the importance of this work has no limits, because it’s the call of the Soul.
Every year people become victims of war, environmental, demographics and peace problem. Charity for our fund «Helping war victims» is more than help, these actions are done from the heart and do not require anything in return. Our foundation is a family, whose members are entrepreneurs and charitable volunteers, and we are fidelity to our mission.

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Dmytro Kopytin

Founder / Coordinator / Volunteer Recruiter


Maryna Domanetska

Volunteer / Businesswoman

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Yaroslava Nedohoda

Anti-Money Laundering Concepts: AML, KYC and Compliance

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Dmytro Kruglenko

Volunteer / Artist / NFT Specialist

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Maryna Yenikale

Volunteer Coordinator in Germany

Our Team

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Andrii Volkov

Volunteer / Businessman 


Valentina Mytko

Volunteer / IT Analyst 


Alona Tiushchenko

Volunteer / SMM Specialist


Andrii Haiduchenko

Volunteer / Businessman

In our days, the world increasingly faces wars of different character: informational, religious, psychological, social and others. All these wars have their forms and strategies, to which people close their eyes, but their consequences are not reversible.
Despite the age of technology and the development of mankind, we are watching how military operations take place in the world. Armed conflicts jeopardize and delay efforts to achieve development. There is a biased relationship between backwardness and war. It is the civilian population, and children in particular, who lose the most in war in terms of suffering and death. And the consequences of armed conflict can be very severe for the combatants themselves and their families.
We are also increasingly confronted with forms of psychological warfare. They include the instilling of fear through the display or use of terrible weapons, even if in some cases they are not in production or are experimental. Behind enemy lines, you can drop leaflets with disinformation or facts about how their side is losing the war on other fronts. Radio broadcasts to an enemy homeland or soldiers in the field can use traitors to call for pacifism or surrender and demoralize the civilian population. The authorities may spread rumors to weaken the opposition or strengthen the unity of supporters. They can compare the enemy's high level of civilian comfort during a conflict to the soldiers' own hardships. Government houses make propaganda statements, and the media are used to misinform and exaggerate information about the progress of the war.
Our foundation is a charitable organization working to support those affected by war and conflict. Our team helps people to stop violence and works to create a strong community without prejudice and discrimination.

The fund's activities are based on the laws of honor, justice and kindness. The position of the participants and partners of the fund is that we work honestly, efficiently and committed to the standards of honesty and professional ethics. The rules of conducting charitable activities embody the philosophy and mission of the Foundation, they are inextricably linked with the implementation of our strategy.

We develop a culture of philanthropy by bringing together active creative professionals who participate in solving socially significant tasks and strive for sustainable social change. We open opportunities for the emergence of new ideas and create conditions for their implementation

We strive for maximum transparency of our activities: we clearly formulate its principles and adhere to the accepted rules. We report on the progress and results of our work to our partners and society.

In our work, we always focus on professional standards - from the organization of our own activities to the selection of partners and volunteers. We actively seek, study, apply and share best practices in our fields of activity. We do not stop at what we have achieved, we are constantly in development, we strive to solve new problems!